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Electronic Death Registration (EDR)


Electronic Death Registration

Electronic Death Registration is now in use in Colorado. This is a secure, Internet site that allows for funeral establishments, physicians and coroner offices to complete, sign and register death records. The system is paperless so there are no forms to complete, fax or email. The system may be accessed from any device, at any location, that has Internet access. The system is also relating information to the Social Security Administration and with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention software. This allows real time verification of the decedent's social security number as well as a real time review of cause of death data. 

Registration is real time and vital records offices are now able to electronically issue certified copies for statewide records. For example, if the funeral home is on the eastern plains and the coroner is on the western slope, the record may be started, completed and registered in a matter of minutes. The funeral home may immediately print the disposition permit and request and receive certified copies of the record for the family. Each office also has the option to print or save a file copy. The state vital records office continues to work on enhancements to the system as users request these. 

The state vital records office provides monthly email broadcasts which offer updated information on the EDR system, enhancements, trends, etc. As the system matures, we hope to see expanded use with all groups. 

If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to request an account, please contact State Vital Records at 720.844.4000 or